Accounts Payable Reporting Tools

Acculytic's suite of tools are designed to empower your Accounts Payable department with the reporting capability to recover payments, quickly make decisions, and make improvements in A/P.  

For a variety of reasons, remittances are duplicated and overpaid, duplicate vendors are added to the vendor file, fraudulent invoices enter the system without detection, and erroneously processed invoices remain undiscovered and unrecovered. 

These reports are the essential elements required to improve your companies payment efficiency and oversight.



Duplicate Payments




Duplicate Invoice Reports

  • Recover duplicate payments by identifying duplicate invoices
  • 10 Unique Report Sections - Different combinations of matching variables
  • Understand the cause of duplicate payments & recover lost profits!








Transaction Analysis



Transaction Summary Report

  • Volume of invoice & check activity by vendor and % Δ from prior period
  • A year-over-year comparative analysis of vendor transaction activity
  • Identify strange activity with custom transaction processing metrics




Invoice Distribution Report

  • Invoice processing statistics across major invoice amount groupings
  • Monthly breakdown showing periods of high activity
  • A/P statistics, vendor count per year, & averages at your fingertips!



Relative Outlier Report

  • Outlier invoices which may have been erroneously processed
  • Statistical ratios to identify relative outlier invoices for all vendors
  • Surface high risk outliers & recover erroneously paid invoice amounts!




Vendor Addresses


Duplicate Address Report

  • Sets of vendor numbers that share the same USPS address
  • Instant access to risky sets of duplicate vendors in the vendor master
  • Reduce duplicate payments made to multiple instances of the same vendor



Address Verification Report

  • Your vendor addresses paired with the USPS standard addresses
  • Alphabetical listing of all vendors and all differences are highlighted
  • Ensure your addresses are accurate by resolving highlighted discrepancies



Address Validation Report

  • Your vendor addresses paired with our list of "insecure" addresses
  • Checklist of vendors with the location details for any address result
  • Reduce risk by investigating and removing all non-validated addresses