Accounts Payable Professionals - Are You Using Best Practices?

Accounts Payable professionals who engage in best practices wanted! 

Acculytic is now providing an internal audit tool to Accounts Payable professionals.  The AP Portal, newly introduced by Acculytic in 2013, allows companies to upload their AP data and generate reports to find, recover, and prevent duplicate and erroneous payments.

You may do everything imaginable to prevent them but the harsh reality is that they can still slip by your preventative measures.  From duplicate vendor listings to human errors that foil data entry standards, a back-up plan is needed.

In the past, companies either opted to pay percentages of duplicate payment recoveries to post-audit firms or they attempted to tackle this difficult task with no outside help.  Often, without the proper tools, this process would prove frustrating and unfruitful.  This can seem like picking the lesser of two evils.

By partnering with Acculytic, you can find, recover, and prevent duplicate payments for a fixed fee.  Our Web-based transaction analysis tools allow you to benchmark your way to optimal efficiency.  From reports that enable you to clean your master vendor file to statistical analysis reports that detect fraud, these reports crunch the data and present only useful insights.

To see how simple this solution is, please watch the Demo Video.  We look forward to providing the tools for your success.

Friday, November 08, 2013 3:03:00 PM