Acculytic was founded in 2011 to address the problems mid-sized businesses have with auditing their transactions & vendor files.  With an emphasis on cash recovery, duplicate payments & duplicate vendor identification remains an area of focus for every organization.  However our tools for improving AP do much more...

Large businesses typically reach out to 3rd party auditors that use highly sophisticated technology requiring on-site invasive procedures, and complex software to do more than mid-sized businesses want or need.  Acculytic operates on a fixed fee basis and utilizes non-invasive SaaS technology to allow organizations to keep a close eye on their growing AP.​

A regular and routine assessment using Acculytic will help your business detect cash recovery opportunities, or prove that there are none, while providing the technology to continually monitor your AP system.​

Product Overview

Acculytic's audit is developed specifically for handling large amounts of data and the reports are set up with the specific analytical goal in mind.

Without a complete audit, erroneously processed invoices remain undiscovered and unrecovered. For a variety of reasons, remittances get duplicated and overpaid, duplicate vendors get added to the vendor file, and fraudulent invoices enter the system without detection.

Time, talent, and software code are involved in the development of an in-house recovery audit, and outside 3rd party firms typically operate on a contingent fee basis, charging a percentage of the recovered funds.  

Many of our clients do not specifically allocate resources for a full, traditional audit.  For clients large enough to attract outside audits, there may be an unwillingness to pay contingent fees.  With a minimal fixed flat fee for the essential elements of a complete & easy audit, Acculytic quickly becomes their choice routine solution. 

Specific Features

Web Based - Acculytic's audit is performed entirely online.  There are no software installations or updates ever required.  All reports are executed online, can be viewed or printed in a web browser, and downloaded in several different formats (including Excel, PDF, & Word).

Online Tools - Our web-based transaction analysis tools consist of automated routines & algorithms designed to audit your transaction data. Your results are delivered using online reports and documentation is provided for each report.  The documentation will guide you through each report. 

Reports - Acculytic provides your audit results using a variety of reports on your historical transaction data.  Vendor reports & transaction reports are available 24/7 in your secure online AP portal immediately.  The reports are very useful when it comes to taking action when needed.​ 

Documentation - Each report is accompanied by documentation which will guide you through your results. Information is provided about the report design as well as key metrics to better understand your data.  Navigating report options is easy to understand for customizing your audit results.

Data Upload - There is no complex setup or training once you are ready to use Acculytic.  Simply upload excel files created from your accounting system.  Periodically upload new transaction data in order to routinely maintain peak performance and to keep current.  Simple to use instructions are provided for how to create those excel files and where to upload them.